What You Need to Know About Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

All you need to know about Wisdom tooth Surgery

At some point in your adult life you must have heard about someone you know going for Wisdom tooth removal or been asked to go for Wisdom Tooth Extraction yourself. To understand wisdom tooth surgery, lets begin with the basics :

What is the Wisdom Tooth?

The Wisdom Teeth ( commonly called Akal Jaad in Hindi) are the last teeth in your mouth on either side in both the top and bottom jaws. Most people have three molars in their mouth in each section and the wisdom teeth are the last of them, the third molars.
Its called the wisdom tooth because it erupts between the ages of 17-25 as you are growing ‘wiser’ than you were as a child.

When do you need Wisdom tooth Surgery?

As Humans are evolving, sizes of our jaws are getting smaller. Consequently there is less space in the mouth, making the third molars vestigial teeth that may have helped our ancestors chew but don’t serve a very important role in our mouths.

Most adults have 4 wisdom teeth in their mouths, one in each quadrant but due to lack of space or obstructions, they may not erupt or erupt partially. 70-75% of people aged 20-30 years have atleast one unerupted or partially erupted wisdom tooth. While completely unerupted wisdom teeth don’t cause a lot of problem , it’s the partially erupted ones that are usually the real culprits.

If your wisdom tooth has been bothering you , it could be a sign of infection , cavities or could mean your wisdom tooth is impinging on the adjacent tooth.

In this case you may require a wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

What to expect during Wisdom tooth extraction surgery?

With modern anesthetic techniques and pain management protocols, Wisdom tooth removal is a relatively painless procedure. We will usually anesthesia (make numb) the area around your wisdom tooth and remove the tooth.

Depending on the angle at which your tooth is stuck, it may or may not require some amount of bone cutting around the tooth.
The surgery will usually take about 30min– 60mins depending on the case. You maybe able to resume regular daily activities within 24hours. Full recovery in terms of mouth opening, normal chewing and biting is expected within 7 days.

If your wisdom tooth has been bothering you, get in touch with us to consult with our Oral Surgery specialists.

If your wisdom tooth has been bothering you,
get in touch with us to consult with our Oral Surgery specialists.

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