teeth pain treatment in chandigarh

Get rid of Tooth Pain Today with Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

Toothache is the pain originating from the tooth directly or the surrounding gums. There are several reasons for toothache, and the most common cause is tooth decay. Toothache is usually a sign of infection where a part of the tooth has decayed. There are several remedies for toothache, and this blog will look at some of the remedies that you can use to treat toothache. Get Toothache Treatment Chandigarh Today at Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh


Toothache is a very common problem and most people have experienced it at least once in their life. Toothache can occur in any tooth and may be caused by a number of reasons such as tooth decay, sinus infection, food trapped between teeth, or a trapped nerve. The best way to treat toothache is to find out the cause of your toothache and then take appropriate action.


toothache treatment in chandigarh
teethache treatment in chandigarh

The most common cause of toothache is tooth decay. Simply put, your teeth are covered with a layer of enamel. Enamel is the hard, bright white part of your teeth. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugary, or starchy foods and produce acids that eat away at the enamel, causing cavities.

Bristles Dental Studios: Toothache Treatment in Chandigarh

Toothache doesn’t just hurt, it’s also a sign that something is wrong. A toothache may be a sign of a serious dental health problem. If left untreated, it can lead to other serious conditions.

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Got Invisible Aligners at Bristles

Been using clear aligners recommended by Dr. Kanish for sometime now. They’re really comfortable and nobody actually notices them unless you mention. Fantastic solution to teeth alignment without the use of metal braces! I’d definitely recommend at least a consultation with the Bristles Dental Studios’ team if you’re bothered by the current alignment of your teeth..

Mr. Surdeep Singh, Gurgaon

Got Immediate Implants placed at Bristles Dental Studios

Excellent service provided by the team of Bristles Dental Studio…. completely painless, no infection after the procedure and quick recovery. Can’t thank them enough and wouldn’t have expected a quick turn around from any other dental service. If I could give you guys 11/10 I would have but for now you guys are 10/10. Thank you so so so much. Kindest regards Renu and Hardevinder Mann.

Mr. Hardevinder Mann, Australia
Got regular dental check up and esthetic fillings done are Bristles Dental Studios

Since childhood dentists have always scared me. However, this perception changed when I visited Bristles. Dr. Palak is the sweetest dentist I’ve come across. She makes the patient feel comfortable, undertakes the process slowly and smoothly by constantly informing the patient about the procedures. What to expect at Bristles:- 1. Amazing hygiene. 2. Competent staff. 3. Smooth procedures. 4. Genuine prices. 5. Lots of treatment options. What NOT to expect at Bristles:- 1. Overpriced services. 2. Misguidance 3. Rushed treatment. This place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Nikhilesh verma, Canada
Wisdom Tooth Removal

I visited this place for removal of my tooth and was really happy with the experience here. Doctors ensure comfort of the patient while providing the best treatment. Would recommend people to visit here for any dental related issues.

Ms. Karishma Kothari, Investment Banker, Delhi
Suffered from botched fracture fixation at a Govt. Facility

Thank you for all. excellent services, great treatment. Dr. palak mam is the best dentist. amazing overall experience. Special thanks to dr palak mam and samar sir thnku so much I so happy

Lata Sharma, Chandigarh
Got Implants at Bristles Dental Studios

I had an online appointment with Dr. Palak Banta. I was impressed with the online consultation and her polite way of explanation. After this I visited the clinic & I got my dental Implant from Bristles Dental Studio, it was a painless procedure dealt with utter care and I am totally satisfied with the treatment. Moreover, I will recommend Bristles Dental Studio for everyone reading my review for any kind of dental work.

Mr. Varun Josan, Punjab
Got Dentures made at Bristles dental Studios for her elderly grandmother

My grandmother got a new denture from Dr. Samar and the experience was pretty awesome! Thank you Doctor. You were amazing!! Will definitely go in the future for any of my dental problems. I Highly recommend Bristles dental studios.

Ms. Vaishali Sharma
Visited the clinic for a full mouth rehabilitation

Visited bristles dental studios during my one month trip to Chandigarh. The doctors and the staff were very co-operative and helpful. I had to get multiple crowns , bridges and an implant done and the doctors were nice enough to complete all my treatment in one month. Highly satisfied with quality of work and mannerism of the team .Going back to my Hometown happy and with a full set of new teeth. Would recommend Bristles to everyone. Thanks!

Mrs. Sonia Sood, Bhopal
Visited the clinic in pain for a Root canal treatment

I went with a deep broken tooth and I was recommended root canal by Dr. Palak at Bristles Dental Studio. I have seen a friend in the past cry in pain after root canal and which is why I was really afraid to get it done. Dr. Palak understood my fears and made sure I was comfortable during the root canal process by using her specialised pain prevention processes. I didn’t have to bear a lot of pain and my root canal was done smoothly. I’m happy with my experience here.

Mr. Shivang Jindal, Chandigarh
Got esthetic ceramic fillings done at Bristles dental Studios

Excellent way of handling! Highly recommend Dr Palak. Super polite and lets you feel comfortable. I got my on-lay done, and they did a fantastic job of the whole process.

Ms. Sneha Dadarwal, Panchkula
Got treatment for his 4year old Son

My 4 years old son suffered from tooth cavities but when he got treatment from Dr. Palak he is ok now. Dr. Palak is a wonderful dentist in her profession. she is very polite and humble. i have never ever seen such a splendid Dr who makes treatment very easy and comfortable with reasonable charges.

Mr. Ashok, Chandigarh Air Force
Visited for a root canal treatment


Achint Bhagri, Jalandhar


We believe in specialized, expert dental care, that’s why all our doctors are specialists in their own respective fields and therefore will be able to provide you with a holistic dental care plan. At Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh, we offer a range of different treatments.

DR. PALAK BANTABDS, Fellowship Restorative Dentist (Manipal)
After graduating from Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. Palak Banta Has completed her specialisation in Restorative Dentistry and in Minor Oral Surgery from Manipal College of Dentistry , Mangalore.
DR. SAMAR GROVERMDS in Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge and Maxillofacial Prosthesis, BDS
Dr. Samar has completed his graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh and MDS in Prosthodontics from PGIDS, Rohtak. He is a specialist in replacement of missing teeth in the form of dentures, implants and crowns and bridges.



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Get Rid of Pain Today – Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

What is Toothache? – Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

Toothache is the pain originating from the tooth directly or the surrounding gums. There are several reasons for toothache, and the most common cause is tooth decay. The tooth pain can be severe and spontaneous or dull and throbbing type. It becomes an emergency due to underlying infection in the surrounding root areas. Whatever the cause, it becomes essential to diagnose and plan the treatment for toothache correctly. 

At Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh, we have a team of dentists who will clinically examine you and formulate a customized treatment plan depending on the root cause of the pain. 

The information below will briefly discuss the causes and treatment options available at Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh.

Causes of Toothache – Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

Sensitive tooth

The teeth are made up of three layers, the enamel being the hardest and the outermost covering. The enamel wears off regularly as the person ages, exposing the inner layers. This exposure of the inner layers leads to teeth sensitivity.

Tooth Decay

The innermost layer or the pulp of the tooth is exposed as the tooth gets damaged or decayed. The plaque accumulation on your teeth attracts harmful bacteria that produce acid, which dissolves the tooth structure. 

Teeth grinding

Teeth clenching or bruxism is another major cause of damage to the outer layers of the teeth. The enamel wears off due to undue pressure, and the teeth become sensitive and painful. 

Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom tooth pain is common in young adults. The average age of eruption is 18-24 yrs. The impacted third molar becomes painful when it partially erupts or erupts in an unusual direction due to insufficient space.

Symptoms of toothache – Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

  • Sharp and shooting pain
  • Pain or tenderness in a single or multiple teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food items
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Spontaneous pain
  • Systemic symptoms like fever

Toothache Treatment Chandigarh

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, or RCT, is the most common treatment for pain relief and saving the tooth. It is the process of removing the infected layers of the tooth and filling it with a biocompatible material to prevent reinfection. It is an entirely painless method of saving the tooth from extraction. 

Desensitizing therapy

It is the therapy provided under the supervision of a dentist in which desensitizing pastes are applied and cured with a special light. The paste forms a layer on the tooth to make a barrier layer.

Wisdom tooth removal

The wisdom tooth becomes a problem when the pain becomes chronic or recurrent. It is mainly done when the tooth erupts in a different position or affects the adjacent tooth. The procedure is entirely painless and done under local anesthesia.

Home remedies for Toothache

  • Using clove oil
  • Using cold compression technique to relieve the pain
  • Using ginger tea extract
  • Applying turmeric

The best way to combat toothache is by getting your dental examination. The home remedies mentioned above can only provide you with temporary relief and are not a permanent solution.