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Orthodontic Treatment involves diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. In simpler words it involves correctly identifying, preventing and aligning crooked, forwardly protruding or inwardly falling teeth.

Malpositioned teeth can have grave psychological, aesthetic and functional effects on a persons’ life. Having forwardly protruding teeth or teeth with gaps can make a person very conscious about their appearance and also interfere with normal talking, mouth closing, speech, eating etc.

Having your teeth straightened out or put back to their right place can greatly improve how you look and correcting speech or eating habits you may be having. It also goes a long way in keeping your gums healthy.

There are a variety of options available if you are looking to properly align your teeth:

Metal Braces:

These are the most basic and regularly used option for correcting malpositioned teeth. Cost for Metal braces starts at around 25,000INR. The only drawback to these is that they have a ‘silvery’ appearance that may be unacceptable to some people and some professions. Treatment can take anywhere from 6months to 1.5 years, depending on the case.

Tooth coloured Braces:

For those who are concerned about the very metal appearance of regular braces, tooth coloured braces are a good alternative. These ceramic or clear braces blend well with your natural teeth, making them unnoticeable and are fast becoming popular because of their better aesthetic appearance . They work the same as metal braces and treatment time remains the same too. Cost for Clear braces starts at around 35000INR.


Wire free clear aligners are the most recent Innovation in orthodontics. They eliminate the need for braces altogether and reduce the number of visits to the dentists’. They are basically a set of clear plastic sheets custom made into removable trays for each patient that you have to wear for a certain number of hours daily. Different Aligner trays from your set are meant to be used after different time periods along the course of the treatment. Your dentist will mostly give you all your Aligners in one appointment.

Its a great option for those who would like to avoid getting braces altogether. Treatment Cost for Aligners start at around 60000INR and treatment time may vary from case to case.

Preventive Treatment:

There are a number of treatment option available for kids to prevent the need for braces in the future. If you feel like your child’s teeth are getting crooked or starting to protrude outwards or fall inwards, you should get an orthodontic consult.

Use of certain orthodontic appliances at a young age can prevent the need for braces in the future or greatly reduce the time period for which braces are required, insuring your child has perfect, well aligned teeth when he/she grows up.

Presence of Oral habits like mouth breathing or thumb sucking or if you yourself had malpositioned teeth, its very likely that your child will have orthodontic problems. Other factors like tongue thrusting habit, missing teeth during childhood, extraction of milk teeth before their natural shedding due to any reason make a child more susceptible to developing maligned teeth.

Deciding the treatment type that is best for you is a personal decision you can make with your orthodontist or dentist specializing in orthodontics. Make an appointment with the dentist or orthodontist at Bristles Dental Studios to discuss your options for orthodontic treatment.

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