Why are dentures necessary for elderly people?

Dentures can make huge difference in quality of life of an elderly person by providing.

Better chewing = Better digestion and nutrition
Improved appearance = Look and feel young
Clear speech = good communication

Dentures improve overall confidence and quality of life in elderly people.

Do all dentures have to be removed daily?
No, there are now, semi fixed and completely fixed options for replacement of missing teeth that are more comfortable and may not have to be removed daily. These are either clipped onusing attachments or fscrewed in with implants.

What are different types of dentures?

They can be removable, Semi fixed, or completely fixed.

Removable Dentures
A traditional approach for the replacement of missing teeth in elderly. These dentures usually don’t require non surgical interventions and can usually be made in a few sittings with us.

Pros: Non invasive, Short treatment time, Economical, Can be given to patients with underlying medical conditions.

Cons: To be removed and cleaned daily, require more care from patients end, Fitting issues and adjustment requirements, Less comfortable, Some patients may not be very accepting of removable dentures

Semi fixed Dentures
These kinds of dentures take support from either existing teeth or implants. They are usually clipped on or attached to the implants/teeth with button like attachments and are therefore are more stable and patient friendly.

Pros: better fit, more comfortable when compared to removable dentures, less chances of denture falling, comparatively less invasive than fully fixed dentures.

Cons: cannot be given to every patient, have to be removed and cleaned daily.

Fixed dentures
Fixed dentures are the best options to replace missing teeth. The entire set of teeth are replaced using support from implants. These are fully fixed and do not have to be removed at any point.

Pros: Completely fixed, most natural looking, best in terms of speech and comfort, least post insertion fitting issues.

Cons: require minor surgical procedures, treatment time may be longer than other two options, may not be suitable for patients with underlying medical conditions.

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