COVID 19 Safe Dental Services in Chandigarh
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Your Safety is our topmost Priority! – Safe Dental Services in Chandigarh

We at Bristles Dental Studios Best Dental Clinic in Chandigarh Aims to ensure that each person that visits us is at zero risk of contracting the Covid19 virus from the clinic or other patients, full Safety precautions and WHO recommended sanitization and disinfection protocols are being taken at Bristles Dental Studios – Safe Dental Services in Chandigarh. We are a Covid free and provide Safe Dental Services in Chandigarh.

Covid Protocols to keep in mind when visiting Bristles Dental Studios:

  1. When you Enter, please sanitize your hands first. Make sure you are wearing a mask while in the reception and waiting area
  2. Help any accompanying minors or Elderly in Sanitizing their hands. Ensure that they are wearing a mask as well.
  3. Get your temperature checked at the reception before proceeding further. In case you appear febrile, you may be requested to revisit after a few days.
  4. Each patient that visits the clinic is required to fill out a detailed medical, travel, and covid contact history form. You may, in addition, be asked to fill out a consent form.
  5. Our waiting areas are designed according to the social distancing protocol. Chairs are placed at a distance of 6ft from each other. Attendants are encouraged to wait outside to avoid crowding in the waiting area.
  6. All persons entering the operatory are required to wear shoe covers available in the waiting area.
  7. Patients are encouraged to sanitize the seats they used before leaving.
  8. The Doctors and the Dental Assistant work while wearing full Personal Protective Equipment. This ensures their safety and yours against infection by the virus. The clinic is equipped with an internal ventilation system to ensure clean air.
  9. The clinic, chair, and all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized between each patient. Freshly sterilized instruments are used for each patient. Once a day the whole clinic is sanitized and fogged to make sure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and we remain covid free.

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