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What is Tooth Sensitivity? – Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Chandigarh

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem characterised by sharp, sudden, and transient pain triggered by eating hot and cold food items. Sensitive teeth can be found in any age group, but they are mainly found in older groups. There are various causes of tooth sensitivity, and its treatment varies as per the cause. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the causes and the treatment options available with us at Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh. 

Signs and symptoms of Sensitive teeth 

  • Intense pain on eating or drinking hot or cold food items
  • Pain while using alcohol-based mouthwash
  • Pain is limited to a specific region of teeth
  • Pain on cold air exposure

Causes of tooth sensitivity- Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Chandigarh

Enamel erosion

The first layer of the tooth is enamel, which acts as a protective covering for the tooth. The enamel wears off with age, and the deeper layers are exposed. The same happens when we tend to brush aggressively, which leads to wearing off the enamel. This wearing off leads to teeth sensitivity and needs prompt action.

Tooth caries

The plaque buildup on the tooth has bacteria, which produces acid that destroys the tooth structure. This destruction of the tooth leads to pain and tooth sensitivity. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the best way to protect the tooth from such build-up. 

Teeth grinding

Bruxism or teeth clenching is another significant contributor to tooth wear and tear. Stress is often considered the major contributing factor for teeth grinding. Nightguards are often suggested to prevent excessive damage due to bruxism.

Aggressive toothbrushing

Brushing twice daily is not enough to keep your teeth in good shape. The correct brushing technique is equally essential for adequate care. Aggressive toothbrushing is detrimental as it wears off the enamel layer, leading to sensitive teeth.

Prolonged use of mouthwash

Using mouthwash is an adjunctive practice to your regular brushing and flossing. Excessive use of alcohol-based mouthwash can cause teeth sensitivity.  


Excessive consumption of acidic food items can erode your enamel, making your teeth sensitive. If it is difficult to avoid such food items, then it is suggested not to brush your teeth immediately after consuming such food items. 

Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Chandigarh

Home care 

  • Use a toothpaste designed for sensitivity
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid unnecessary wear and tear
  • Using small circular motions to brush rather than aggressive scrubbing
  • Limit the dietary intake of acidic food
  • For teeth grinding, it is suggested to opt for nightguards

Professional care 

  • Professional application of gels and desensitising pastes
  • Fluoride gel applications
  • Sealants application
  • Dental fillings over exposed root surfaces
  • In severe cases, root canal treatment is suggested where all other treatments have failed

Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Chandigarh

Dental bonding

The bonding agent is applied to the exposed dentin and cured with a special blue light. This acts as a barrier to protect the dentin.

Fluoride treatment

The fluoride application induces the formation of reparative dentin and protection of the underlying dentin by forming a layer on it.

Root canal treatment

When all the other measures have failed to combat tooth sensitivity, RCT is used by our experts at Bristles Dental Studios Chandigarh to manage the pain associated with it effectively. The nerves and vessels are removed from the tooth and filled with an inert filling material.