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Missing Teeth Replacements: What are the Tooth Replacements Options

Replace missing tooth: What are your options?

The problem of missing teeth is more common than we realize. You can have a missing tooth due to an accident or injury, gum disease, decay, and damage, or even bad genetics. Whatever the cause may be, there are replacement options available. Let us examine in depth what those are.

What tooth replacement options do you have?

Everyone wants a vibrant smile. You can only get that with a perfect set of teeth. Yet not all of us are gifted with the same. Therefore, there are some artificial provisions available that can help you smile flawlessly. Look below the tooth replacement options for you:

  • Dental Implants

Dental implants are the way to go if you are missing several teeth in different regions of the mouth or even one tooth. With it, you can have a base for the replacement of teeth. The new tooth can then sit on top of the base. Of all tooth replacement options, this one gives you natural look.

  • Dental Bridges

Out of several tooth replacement options; Dental Bridges prove effective when many teeth are missing from the same region. These bridges are affixed such that they cover all the gaps. Use of prosthetic or artificial tooth with the bridge is attached using dental cement.

  • Dentures

Let us say all your teeth need replacement, then the best option is Dentures. Based on the extent of replacement, you will need Partial or Complete Dentures. You may opt for Complete Dentures for replacement of all the teeth and parts for the replacement of just a few.

Replacing a missing tooth: How much does it cost?

Undoubtedly you want a lively smile, yet the biggest question is if you can afford it. Now that we are aware of the ways for replacing the missing teeth. Let us explore the costs involved in the process:

  • Cost of Dental Implants

Dental Implants serve all the purposes real teeth serve. Anticipate paying around 35,000-45,000 INR to get Dental Implants. The price may vary based on the material, composition, and quantity of missing teeth, etc.

  • Cost of Dental Bridges

With great aesthetic value and adequate functionality, Dental Bridges cost no more than 4,000-7,000 INR for one tooth. They do no feel artificial and help keep all teeth in the right place. Dental Bridges make the task of replacing missing teeth super easy.

  • Cost of Dentures

Complete Dentures can cost you around 10,000-25,000 INR. The starting price for Partial Dentures falls in the range of 1,500-3,000 INR. Dentures do not take much effort and maintenance. You just need to get used to them.

Decidedly, many options of replacing missing teeth seem cost-effective. So, look at your budget and make a choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of missing teeth replacements

Before you jump on the wagon to have your teeth replaced, try to grasp all the advantages and disadvantages of missing teeth replacements. We have mentioned them below:

  • Advantages of missing teeth replacements
  • The vibrant and complete smile makes you feel confident.
  • Improves the function of the mouth and helps you chew food properly.
  • Helps you in speaking as there is no gap for odd placement of the tongue.
  • Helps the teeth get along well with other teeth.
  • Gives your jaw and mouth a better shape.
  • Disadvantages of missing teeth replacements
  • Ill-fitted replacements may cause inflammation of the gums and rest of the teeth.
  • The process of getting replacements may take a long time.
  • In the case of Dentures, the durability may not be adequate.
  • Some replacement options may not be long-lasting.
  • At times, complications may arise during the procedure

Weighing the advantages against the disadvantages, we can choose the best-fitted option for us. The motive is constant – it is to get a charming smile. With the aid of tooth replacements, be alluring, be you!