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Ceramic Veneers Chandigarh: Why Ceramic Veneers? Benefits and Uses

Why Ceramic Veneers Chandigarh

Ceramic veneers offer great aesthetic results exactly mimicking the natural tooth. It has gained popularity because of its mechanical properties, strength, and biocompatibility. Ceramic veneers Chandigarh are made up of three different varieties of ceramic, they are leucite reinforced glass-ceramic, feldspathic ceramic and then lithium disilicate reinforced glass-ceramic. 

Ceramic veneers have special optical and aesthetic properties. The mechanical strength of the ceramic veneers plays an important role when it comes to handling Intra oral stresses and maintaining the structural integrity of the tooth.

In the information provided below, we will discuss the ceramic veneers in brief detail

How ceramic veneers are fitted?

Diagnosis and treatment planning

This is the most important step in the fabrication of the ceramic veneers Chandigarh. In this session you can tell your expectations from the outcome of the treatment. The cosmetic experts available with us at Bristle Dental Studios will thoroughly examine your case clinically. In this step, our doctors will make an impression of your teeth to formulate a customized treatment plan for your case.

Tooth preparation

After the diagnosis and treatment planning, the next step comes in actual tooth preparation. The space is created in the tooth to accommodate the ceramic veneer so that it does not bulge out looking unaesthetic. After the preparation of the teeth planned for veneering, our dentist will again scan the teeth and send it to the lab for the fabrication of ceramic veneers.

Bonding of ceramic veneers

The final step is the cementation or the fixing of the ceramic veneers. Dental cement is used to fix the final prosthesis on the tooth surface. Please note that the veneers once fixed can not be removed by you at home. Ceramic veneers bond well to the tooth surface and can only be removed if required by the dentist.

Benefits and uses of Ceramic Veneers Chandigarh

No recovery time

Ceramic veneers are not a surgical procedure so there is no recovery time required. All the patients getting the restorative procedures can proceed with their day-to-day routine effectively without any support. Ceramic veneers don’t affect the activities like speaking or eating.

Cosmetic service

It is a cosmetic solution to enhance your smile. The procedure usually takes two sitting and hence it is a quick and easy way to improve your aesthetic and boost your confidence.

Tooth reconstruction

Ceramic veneers are an ideal solution to a broken tooth or chipped-off enamel. They are also used to fill minor gaps when orthodontic treatment is not feasible or desired by the patient.

Permanent solution

Since the ceramic veneers are bonded permanently to the tooth surface they offer a long-term solution to all your aesthetic concerns.

Teeth discoloration treatment

There are two types of stains- extrinsic and intrinsic. Teeth whitening offers a solution for the extrinsic stains whereas the intrinsic stains are not effectively treated by teeth whitening solutions. In such cases, ceramic veneers are a great alternative to mask the stains.