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Bone Grafting Causes and Procedure: Bone Grafting Treatment in Chandigarh

When you are considering Dental Implants and do not have a sound bone to support them, dental bone grafts are done to rebuild the lost bone structure. Bone Grafting Treatment in Chandigarh is one such procedure that allows us to increase the amount of bone in the areas where additional support is required – by the team of best dental surgeons in Tricity

In the information provided below, we will discuss the causes of bone grafting and how the Bone Grafting Treatment in Chandigarh is done.

Bone Grafting Causes: Bone Grafting in Chandigarh

Extracted or missing teeth

Whether there is tooth loss due to trauma or extraction, the bone loses its volume and density when there are missing teeth. Bone grafting treatment helps in restoring the site for future dental implant placement.

Advanced gum diseases

The initial stages of gum diseases limit themselves to the gums. In contrast, the advanced stage of gum disease progresses to the supporting structures of the teeth like the bone and PDL fibers attaching the teeth to the bone.

Once the disease affects these structures, the teeth become loose. Bone grafting treatment helps in strengthening the site of missing teeth.

Developmental anomalies

Some congenital disabilities involve missing teeth or some portion of the jawbones. These developmental anomalies make the treatment planning for dental implants difficult. Bone grafting treatment helps restore the bone volume and correct such defects for better planning of dental prosthesis.

Traumatic injuries

Teeth grinding or bruxism affects the teeth and leads to deterioration of the supporting bone. Bone grafting may help prevent such traumatic injuries to the bone, help restore function, and promote new bone growth.

Bone graft procedure: Bone Grafting Treatment in Chandigarh

  • The whole process will be done under anesthesia, so the Bone Grafting Treatment in Chandigarh is absolutely painless.
  • Your vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure
  • First, an incision is made in the gums to expose the bone where the grafting has to be done
  • The graft material is then placed on the site where the bone grafting procedure is planned
  • The bone graft is secured at the site with special adhesive membranes 
  • The area is covered, and sutures are placed

Aftercare of Bone Grafting Treatment: Bone Grafting in Chandigarh

  • Apply icepacks to reduce swelling and pain in the first 24 hrs
  • Consume a soft diet for the first couple of days
  • Take the prescribed medicines as suggested by your dentist
  • To avoid bleeding, sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Avoid hot and spicy food items
  • Do not involve yourself in any contact sports for a few days